Aircon Gas Top Up

A commonly heard phrase, the topping up of Aircon Gas is widely known but not many are sure what it exactly is for. As part of our Aircon Servicing procedures, we top up your unit’s Aircon Gas after prior checks.

When it comes to Aircon Gas top up, there are 2 types which are commonly used throughout Singapore. The R22 and the R410 refrigerants.

The former is used for older units while the R410 version is for newer generation models. We will determine the type required after checking your Aircon unit accordingly.

The lack of refrigerant gas due to gas leaks and leaky pipes would cause your unit to work harder to provide the cool air. Or in some cases, the presence of warm air despite the Aircon unit being turned out is a sign of the lack of refrigerant gas.

How does it work? Well the refrigerant gas is used to absorb and remove heat away from the surrounding air in your room for example. It then carries the heat to be expelled.

Another commonly heard part of the Air con is the compressor, where as it name says, compresses the refrigerant until it condenses. The resulting liquid follows through the condenser and residual heat is then removed by circulating air.

This liquid then moves through the expansion valve, which causes it to expand and evaporate, further cooling it. This cool refrigerant then makes it way through the evaporator unit, where the room’s warmer air is circulated across. This warm air is then cooled from the refrigerant, subsequently blown back into the room, giving you the air conditioned air that cools us off during a hot day.


Generally, R22 is used on older units, while R410 refrigerant is in use on newer generation models, it depends on which type of gas is suitable for your aircon unit.

R22 R410A
$60-$120 $80-$150